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FF7 Remake Ms Folia Quest Guide

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FF7 Remake Ms Folia Quest Guide

Kids on Patrol Quest Walkthrough

Reward: Nail Bat, HP and MP restored

You need to find 5 children to complete this side quest. Speak with Ms. Folia and she will ask you to find 5 chickens for her.

  • Location #1: You will find the first kid in between two concrete pipes. The pipes are in the southwest of the Center District.
  • Location #2: The girl is near the large group of people next to the Item Shop and where Chadley is.
  • Location #3: Look outside the Weapon Shop to find this kid.
  • Location #4: The girl is up the road from the orphanage, look near the old lady sitting on the bench.
  • Location #5: The boy is at the town gate.

Once you have all the kids come back to Ms. Folia to get the next part this Final Fantasy VII Remake chapter 8 side quest. The kids will tell you there is a monster near their secret hideout. Go to the location and kill the “Toad King.”

Kids on Patrol Notes & Tips

Completing this quest unlocks the side quests: A Verified Hero and The Angel of the Slums. The Moogle Emporium shop will also be available.

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