FF7 Remake Burning Thighs Walkthrough

Burning Thighs Walkthrough

This is a very short side mission in Chapter 9 of FF7 Remake. Speak with Jules to get this odd job and then simply beat Ronnie in the squatting mini-game of Final Fantasy 7 Remake. If you manage to beat him you will complete this side mission.

Burning Thighs Quest Reward

3x Mega Potions for beating the Trainee, which completes the quest. If you also do amateur and pro levels you get Luck Up and Champion Belt respectively.

Burning Thighs Objectives

  1. Meet Jules at the gym
  2. The gym’s head trainer, Jules, has given cloud an assignment. Compete against one of the other gym members and emerge victorious.
  3. Cloud wins the squat-off, knocking the gym’s rat’s egos down a peg. Refine Cloud’s technique and try for a better score

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