FF7 Remake A Verified Hero Walkthrough

A Verified Hero Walkthrough

Prerequisite: Complete the Kids on Patrol quest mentioned above.

Talk to the marked kid in the hideout. Get a Moogle Medal for participating. Score well enough in the mini-game to get an Elixir, Crescent Moon Charm, and Spectral Cogwheel.

A Verified Hero Quest Reward

  • 10,000: Elixir
  • 20,000: Crescent Moon Charm
  • 30,000: Spectral Cogwheel

A Verified Hero Objectives

  1. The members of the hideout have given Cloud special permission to participate in an unknown game. Play along
  2. The kids have allowed Cloud to play Whack-a-Box, a popular game at the hideout. Show these kids what an ex-SOLDIER is made of
  3. Cloud dazzles the children with his box breaking skills.

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