Effects of sleeping the wrong way.


        Many bedtime habits such as the way you lie down, listen to music at bedtime can cause you health problems. If you don’t give up these bad habits early, it can lead to serious damage to your health and difficult to recover from.

Sleep is extremely important because they help us restore energy and vitality when we wake up. However, if you sleep in the wrong way, it not only affects the quality of sleep but also has many potential dangers.

* Correct sleeping position you need to do.

Sleeping on your back with your head and neck in a neutral position is considered the best position to sleep. However, this position is not good for patients with a history of gastroesophageal reflux disease. The reason is that when you lie on your back, the valve that prevents acid in the stomach is out of control, causing acid and undigested food in the stomach to back up into the esophagus, causing uncomfortable heartburn and sometimes pain. chest.

Therefore, if you have stomach-related diseases, you should sleep on your left side so that your stomach is in a stable position, helping food stay in the stomach, not being pushed up and out of the valve. Esophageal. In addition, pregnant women should also sleep on the left side because it helps improve circulation to the fetus.

If you have acid reflux but have a habit of lying on your back when you sleep, you should use a blanket weighing about 10% of your body weight to put gentle pressure on the front of your abdomen, helping you to fix your body easily. easier.

* Wrong sleeping positions you need to pay attention to.

Sleeping on the right side is a cause of chronic back pain because most of the body’s weight will be on the back and spine, causing back pain. In addition, if you always maintain this side sleeping position, it will contribute to accelerating the aging process of the skin, causing wrinkles and sagging breasts.

Sleeping on your stomach makes it difficult for you to breathe and tilt your head to one side to breathe, thereby causing a number of chronic diseases related to the neck such as herniated disc, and also the cause of back pain because in the right position. like this, the spine has no fulcrum.

The position of lying on your back, arms raised above your head, also known as the “starfish” position, is very good for the back but makes you snore more is not good for patients with acid reflux. In addition, putting your hands above your head can put pressure on the nerves in the shoulder and cause pain.

Lying curled up, chin tilted, knees bent, may feel very comfortable for some people, but it is bad for your back and neck. The deep flexion of the body in this position also restricts breathing, causing back and neck pain, as well as increasing the risk of sudden cessation of breathing.

* Listen to music while sleeping.

Many phone users often have a habit of sleeping while wearing headphones to block outside noise and can enjoy good music to make you sleep easier. However, this is very harmful because it can cause poor sleep, daydreaming and nightmares, and easy headaches after waking up.

In addition, putting headphones in the ears continuously for a long time will block the air circulation around the ears, causing a lot of earwax to accumulate, increasing the risk of otitis externa. In particular, opening loud and prolonged sounds for a long time can damage the eardrum, causing tinnitus, hearing pain, even leading to deafness.

* Place your hand on your forehead.

Many people have the habit of placing their hands on their foreheads to cover their eyes to make it easier to sleep, but this will put a lot of pressure on the forehead skin, losing elasticity and prone to wrinkles.

Putting your hand on your forehead also makes your head heavy, which makes you often have a headache when you wake up or wake up easily. In addition, this also causes muscle aches because when you put your hand on your forehead all night, it will make it difficult for blood to circulate to your hands and fingers.

* The pillow is too high.

Some people have a preference to use a high pillow when sleeping, but if you use a high pillow, when lying on your back, your head will bend forward, and when lying on your side, one side of your neck will be stretched, easily leading to a crooked neck, thereby increasing risk of cervical spondylosis. Children lying on pillows that are too high will cause dizziness, nausea, heart palpitations, making them sleep less deeply and reducing sleep quality.

* Tie your hair too tight when sleeping.

Some people often have the habit of tying or tying their hair to style it after waking up, but this will cause the hair to be stretched, increasing the pull on the roots, causing them to fall out. In addition, tying the hair too tightly will damage the hair follicles, causing more hair loss and the baby’s hair cannot grow or develop normally, making the hair look dry and lifeless, even bald and clear. head skin.

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