Drinking water is good for health but harmful to teeth.


        Lemon juice helps detoxify, lose weight, supplement vitamin C but damage tooth enamel.

More and more people are giving up sugary, unhealthy drinks. However, even a water with many benefits like lemon juice still has a negative side if not used properly.

* Lemon juice can damage teeth.

Drinking lemon juice or mixing a little lemon juice into warm water has many health effects such as detoxification, fever reduction, sore throat relief. Lemon juice also helps to clean the mouth, freshen breath, improve digestion, and add vitamin C to the body.

However, lemons and sour fruits such as oranges, grapefruits, and tangerines have the potential to damage teeth. These foods are acidic and cause erosion of tooth enamel. At that time, the layer below the yellow enamel is exposed.

Weakened enamel is one of the leading causes of sensitivity and puts you at risk for tooth decay and other damage. The acid content in lemon juice is higher than many drinks that we think are bad for our teeth like soda, alcohol, coffee and tea.

* To reduce harm .

Lemonade is delicious and healthy so you don’t have to give it up. To minimize harm, doctors suggest you brush your teeth before drinking lemon water; use fresh lemon juice instead of concentrated juice; Drink through a straw and rinse your mouth with plain water after drinking.

* Hot lemon water is more harmful to teeth than cold water.

Hot lemon water can relieve an itchy throat. However, the rate of a chemical reaction increases with temperature. Therefore, tooth wear will be more severe at higher temperatures.

* After drinking lemon water do not brush your teeth.

“Once weakened by acidic drinks like lemon juice, enamel takes time to recover,” explained experts at Luminous Dentistry in Australia. This means you should wait at least 30 minutes after eating highly acidic foods.

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