Disable mouse smoothing

Mouse smoothing is disabled by default. In case you feel it is not, you can switch it off in console:

  1. Press [~] key to open console.
  2. Type in:

m_smoothing 0

and press Enter.

“m_smooth” command adjusts the amount of smoothing if “m_smoothing” is set to 1. It can be set in the range from 1 to 8.

Disable antialiasing

May be useful when gaming on a potato pc or 8k monitor (or both). Disabling in-game AA significantly Increases sharpness but makes contrasty edges jaggy and therefore not recommended until you use better 3rd party AA methods.

  1. Press [~] key to open console.
  2. Type in:

r_antialiasing 0

and press [Enter].

  • “r_antialiasing 1” command re-enables TAA.
  • After disabling AA you might want to reduce the sharpening effect in game video settings.
  • To automatically disable AA when the game is started, add

+r_antialiasing 0

to the game launch options in Steam (see “Skip intro” section for details).

You can use FXAA from ReShade instead of ingame TAA if you want to. Last version works fine with Doom Eternal, just make sure you enabel it for Vulkan globally in the installer. However, FXAA can not eliminate all the jagginess in this game and SMAA does nearly nothing.

It’s end. I hope “DOOM Eternal Disable mouse smoothing and antialiasing” helps you. Feel free to contribute the topic. If you have also comments or suggestions, comment us.


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