Diet for people with broken bones heal quickly.


      In addition to following the doctor’s prescription, a reasonable and adequate nutrition diet will help people with fractures heal faster.

For people undergoing fracture treatment, diet plays a very important role. A nutritious and reasonable diet will help bones heal quickly. The following article will help you learn about the essential substances in the diet for people with fractures to heal quickly, let’s find out now!

* Nutrition for people with broken bones heal quickly.

The most important principle in building a nutritional regimen is to ensure energy needs and balance nutrients such as protein, fat, carbohydrates, etc. In addition, to create new bone structures where broken bones are. If the body is regenerated quickly, the body needs to add many different nutrients, but mainly micronutrients such as calcium, magnesium, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, phosphorus, folic acid.

When broken bones, especially leg bones, the human body needs to be supplemented with a large amount of protein and calcium for rapid bone recovery. In order for calcium to be absorbed into the body more easily and faster, vitamin D is required. To help the process of calcium transfer to the skeleton more efficiently and effectively, vitamin K is required. That’s why. In order for bones to heal quickly, it is necessary to supplement the amount of vitamins D, K, calcium, protein, zinc, magnesium …

* Nutrients that help to heal bones are found in food.

1. Calcium

Calcium is one of the nutritional components that play an extremely important role in bone health. In order for the bone to heal quickly, the patient needs to be supplemented with a large amount of calcium to help the bone regenerate effectively. Besides, calcium also helps to keep bones strong and strengthen the body’s resistance.

Some foods contain high calcium such as fresh milk, cheese, yogurt, salmon, sardines, cabbage, sesame seeds… these foods are also very suitable for people who are treating fractures. . In addition, drinking fresh milk every day will also be very good for people with broken bones.

2. Vitamins B6 and B12

Vitamin B6 plays an extremely important role in bone formation. In addition, vitamin B12 also supports the function of bone cells. For people who are treating bones and joints, especially fractures, it is possible to add some foods containing abundant vitamins such as beef, salmon, mackerel, shrimp, eggs, milk …

These are all foods that contain abundant vitamins, which are very effective in recovering bones and joints quickly. In addition, people with broken bones should also get more vitamins from fruit and vegetable food sources such as papaya, mango, melon, beans, bell peppers, cauliflower, tomatoes… It also contains minerals necessary for the body, rich in antioxidants and has the ability to fight free radicals to help bones heal faster.

3. Magnesium and Phosphorus

Some studies have shown that foods containing high magnesium and phosphorus components will have a very good effect in supporting the treatment of osteoarthritis, especially patients who are in the process of fracture treatment. skeletal. After calcium, magnesium is considered a nutrient that plays an important role in bone structure, and helps to restore broken bones. Foods containing abundant magnesium content such as mackerel, herring, carp, shrimp, milk, cereals, green vegetables, almonds …

Besides, phosphorus is also an essential mineral in the process of repairing broken bones. Some foods contain phosphorus such as egg yolks, beef liver, cheese, oats, walnuts. However, patients are often recommended to eat evenly every day, should not eat too much of one type of food.

4. Folic Acid

Folic acid is a form of vitamin B, it helps transport oxygen to nourish cells in the body. Because of this effect of folic acid, doctors often encourage patients with fractures to regularly supplement folic acid for the body. This will help the body easily control the process of recovery and regeneration of joints effectively.

Thanks to these ingredients, the blood vessels in the bones will be quickly regenerated and converted into nutrients to nourish the bones, thereby helping the bone recovery process take place faster. Folic acid is especially rich in fruits and vegetables such as bananas, oranges, tangerines and legumes, spinach, asparagus, okra…

5. Zinc

Like vitamins, zinc is one of the trace minerals that play an important role in human health. This is one of the ingredients that promote vitamin D to work strongly to enhance calcium absorption. Some studies have shown that zinc not only helps bones and joints regenerate and recover faster, but it also helps you prevent osteoporosis.

Foods that contain a lot of zinc and are good for the health of people with broken bones such as shrimp, mushrooms, beef, chicken, spinach, kale, cauliflower, garlic… Therefore, patients can be active. Add it to your daily menu.

Foods that people with broken bones should not eat
During the time when the broken bone has not recovered, the patient should absolutely not use alcoholic beverages and stimulants, especially solid teas, carbonated soft drinks, chocolate …

Do not eat foods that contain a lot of fat because these fats, when combined with calcium, will form a foam that is not absorbed and excreted. Thereby, will reduce the effectiveness of calcium absorption into the body.

To avoid affecting the treatment process, patients need to strictly follow the doctor’s instructions and build themselves a reasonable diet to enhance physical strength.

Above are some sharing on the issue of nutrition for people with broken bones that heal quickly. Hopefully, it will help you to have more useful knowledge and know how to take the most effective care!

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