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Destiny 2 How to Remove Umbral Engram

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How to Remove Umbral Engram in Destiny 2.

How to Remove Umbral Engram


  1. Can I remove umbral engram? In inventory.
  2. I can’t finish the drifter mission because 10/10 umbral engram.


from bungie forums.

Go to drifers office, in there should be a machine that should allow you to use these engrams and to complete the mission.

Step by step:

  • 1. Go onto another character.
  • 2. As soon as the game loads you into Io to begin the story, immediately return to orbit and go to the Tower to see Drifter.
  • 3. Drifter should have an umbral engram available as part of an abandoned quest. Take it.This should progress the rest of the quest across all characters and save your soft-locked character.

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