Daily mistakes lead to kidney stones.


         Improper use of drugs, improper diet and lifestyle are one of the causes leading to kidney stones that many people have.

Kidney stones are the deposition and crystallization of solid deposits that form in the kidneys. The process of stone formation often has no obvious symptoms, so many people do not know they have the disease. Here are the common mistakes that cause kidney stones.

* Improper use of drugs.

Many people are sick or worried that their body lacks vitamins and calcium, so they buy supplements for the body without the guidance of a doctor or physician. Some drugs must be taken on time, taken with a lot of water, not combined with some other drugs… they are completely unaware of this and as a result the kidneys have to bear the consequences. Since then, the body cannot absorb the ingredients of the drug, causing deposits in the kidneys to create signs of kidney stones and accumulate into stones.

* Eating too much salt and fat.

The habit of eating salty foods increases blood circulation to the glomeruli, forcing the kidneys to work harder, leading to kidney failure. In addition, salt is also the cause of kidney stones, fatty kidneys.

Eating too much fat is also a cause of kidney stones. Because foods rich in protein and fat will increase cholesterol content in bile, forming stones. Therefore, dishes such as: fatty meat, animal organs, fish eggs, crab bricks, egg yolks… should be limited. In addition, we should eat a lot of fresh vegetables and some foods that have cholesterol-lowering effects such as garlic, onions, shiitake mushrooms, black ear fungus…

* Drink less water.

The amount of stored urine will become concentrated if you do not drink enough water and cause the deposits to increase, making it easy to form kidney stones and urinary tract stones. The amount of urine excretion will increase if you drink enough water to dilute the urine, which is beneficial for the prevention of kidney stones and helps the stones to be excreted. So, if you want to avoid kidney stones, drinking filtered water is a good solution.

* Long time holding urine.

Holding urine for a long time will not only cause serious consequences such as: urinary tract infections, kidney stones, kidney and bladder diseases, but also reduce physiological and urinary functions, in which bladder rupture is considered dangerous. If not detected and operated in time, it will endanger health.

* Forgot breakfast.

Experts say that the risk of kidney stones caused by not eating breakfast is quite large. Morning is the time when the gallbladder will secrete bile to prepare for the digestion of food. If you do not eat breakfast, the bile will not have food to digest and the bile will stay in the gallbladder longer, for such a long time, the bile will accumulate in the gallbladder, which will easily form kidney stones.

* Insomnia .

Night is the ideal time for the organs to recover and rest, as is the kidney tissue. When you sleep, they will have time to repair their own damage during the day. Insomnia will make this function not be performed, over time will cause many dangerous kidney diseases.

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