Cramps while sleeping.


      Do not arbitrarily supplement calcium when you often have cramps. A cramp is a sudden spasm of muscle that causes severe pain, making it impossible to move a muscle for a period of time.

This is a common phenomenon when exercising, the body excretes sweat, causing sodium and potassium levels to drop, electrolyte imbalance leading to cramps.

If you quickly replenish water or let the muscles relax, this will go away.

However, many people have cramps while sleeping, which not only causes pain, but also affects the quality of our sleep.

In general, this is said to be a manifestation when the body lacks calcium or sometimes due to improper sleeping posture, cold, etc. Calcium is an important nutrient for bones, is a neuromuscular transmitter, helps muscles contract. squeeze and function normally.

Therefore, if there is a lack of calcium, the body can easily experience cramps, but this is only a very small part of the cause.

If you often have cramps while sleeping, it may not be simply a calcium deficiency, but also related to the following 4 diseases.

* Arthropathy .

Joint disease is one of the factors that promote sleep cramps. Arthritis can affect nearby tissues and nerves, and this damage leads to muscle contractions, causing cramps in the calves.

If you want to improve this condition, it is necessary to completely treat the joint disease, to visit the doctor regularly and follow the instructions of the specialist.

* Nervous system abnormalities.

Cramps are one of the warning signs that your nervous system is having an abnormal problem, such as Alzheimer’s disease, cerebral venous thrombosis or some diseases related to the motor nervous system.

If this condition is not handled soon, it will lead to many serious consequences such as poor productivity, inability to lift heavy objects, even paralysis, memory loss, etc.

It is important to quickly see a specialist for appropriate treatment.

* Liver failure .

The liver plays an important role in protein synthesis in the body. When the liver has problems such as hepatitis or cirrhosis … the amino acid content in the body will be reduced, which is a very important component for human bones.

If there is a shortage of amino acids, nerve cells will unconsciously discharge electricity causing muscle convulsions. In addition, impaired liver function causes toxins to accumulate in the body, which is also the cause of muscle cramps.

* Cardiovascular disease.

If you haven’t experienced any trauma, but the cramps often come on suddenly during sleep, you need to be alert because it can be related to cardiovascular diseases.

This condition often occurs in middle-aged people, elderly people, people with high blood pressure, heart failure and high blood lipids.

High cholesterol or narrowing of the vessel walls can cause blood clots that interfere with blood circulation, causing cramping.

Sleep cramps can be caused by many different causes, so when the exact cause has not been found, calcium supplements should not be arbitrarily added to avoid affecting the treatment of the disease.

To prevent cramps is actually very simple, you can do some stretching exercises before going to bed to relax the muscles and promote blood circulation.

Besides, adding enough water and electrolytes to the body is also a method to help repel cramps.

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