An overview of the Area #1 Boss, The Slaver. Aimed at players of Colt Canyon whom are having trouble with the boss.

(Work in Progress)

For the sake of clarity between The Slaver boss and his summoned Slaves. The Slaver boss will be referenced in this guide as “The Taskmaster”.

Though when in casual conversation with members of this community. A more generally understood name for this boss is “The Slaver” or simply “Area #1 Boss”.

Area 1 Boss (The Slaver)

The Taskmaster (Opening Phase)

With a loud crack of his whip he sends Slaves to meet the player’s shots head on. Resulting in an adrenaline pumping moment of panic. As hordes of frenzied Slaves begin to surround the gunslinger. With a stinging crackle a lesion appears, then another and then another. Until finally the gunslinger drops dead.

The Taskmaster is the first boss of Colt Canyon. Proven to be a challenging boss fight for players new to the game. And also for those who have yet to fully grasp the game’s core mechanics. Especially in the regards of understanding the mechanics needed to be victorious in a boss fight.

  • The Taskmaster begins the fight by summoning a group of Slaves to his aid. Then proceeding to march towards the player character until in range for an attack.
  • The Slaves will begin the fight positioning themselves in a defensive formation between the player character and The Taskmaster boss.
  • The Slaves themselves are non-hostile, due to this they’ll spend the vast majority of the fight trying to position themselves between the player character and the The Taskmaster boss.
  • Should a Slave die, after a certain period of time the The Taskmaster boss will summon a replacement Slave for each one killed.
  • These replacement Slaves unlike their predecessors, will be extremely hostile towards the player. Proceeding to try and engage the player in melee.
  • These Slaves are meant to alleviate The Taskmaster’s weakness to being kited.
    As The Taskmaster has no access to firearms or crucial blink skills.

Enemy (Status and Responses)

Every enemy and boss in Colt Canyon can be understood through the exclamation mark which hovers over their head. These Exclamation marks acts as both a Health bar and Alert State Notifier. They serve to give useful information to the player in a sleek and compact format.

  • Should an enemy detect your presence for the first time a Question mark symbol will appear over their head.
  • Should an enemy begin to attack you the Question mark will turn into an Exclamation mark which will be converted briefly to a violent Red hue.
  • If an enemy is marching towards you or is in the process of investigating an area. The now Exclamation mark will be converted and proceed to remain as a Yellow hue.
The Taskmaster (Alert State)

Signalling the startup of any attack the Exclamation mark will briefly shift and convert to a bright Orange hue.

The Taskmaster (Attack Startup State)

If an enemy has taken damage from any source, the Exclamation mark will be slowly converted into a Black hue beginning from the top to bottom. Acting like a Health bar you’ll find in any other game.


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