Chasm Console Commands and Cheats

Chasm Console Commands and Cheats

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The Console

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The console can be accessed by pressing ` at any time during gameplay.

Warning!: Do not use the console on your main save. Some commands disable achievements.

Command – Function

  • aqc – Displays how many animations are active on the current screen.
  • clear – Clears the command prompt.
  • config – Display configuration file contents.
  • freeze — Freeze the game world.
  • gc – Run garbage collection.
  • gimme – Gives the player all items. (Disables achievements)
  • godmode – Infinite hp / mp, Cannot be damaged. (Disables achievements)
  • help – Displays a list of commands. Can also be used before a command to display an explanation of a command’s function.
  • hidemap – Hides the full map. Removing your current map progress.
  • nettest – Sends test to server. (Does not seem to function)
  • noshadowlog – Turns off shadowing of the log to an external file.
  • play – play [songname] (See below for song names.)
  • quit – immediately quit the game.
  • refill – Refill HP & MP. (Disables achievements)
  • resetlights – Resets lights in the room.
  • reveal – Reveals the entire game map. (Disables achievements)
  • savelog – Save the console log to a file.
  • shadowlog – Shadows the log to an external file.
  • slow – Slows the game world down. (Disables achievements)
  • systeminfo – Similar to dxdiag system data.


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