Animal Crossing New Horizons 6 Tips to Catch Fish

Catching fish in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is very much the same as previous games in the series, as you will firstly need to equip a Fishing Rod.

In order to obtain the fishing rod, the player can either craft one through DIY crafting or simply purchasing one from the shop in Resident Services.

Once you have your new fishing gear equipped, make your way towards the water and look for the small dark shadows of fish swimming in the nearby area. With the fish located, cast your rod towards the shadow and wait for the fish to hook on!

6 Tips to Catch Fish

  • Cast your line so that it lands in front of the fish (otherwise it will not see it).
  • Mind the current! If your line is a bit far away, the current could carry it closer (or further) from the fish.
  • Fish will only nibble a max of 5 times before swimming away.
  • Listen: when a fish is just nibbling you’ll hear a light splash. When the fish has latched on you’ll hear a louder, dunking sound. Reel it in by pressing and holding “A.”
  • Look for the bobber to go underwater! Reel it in by pressing and holding “A.”
  • If you have trouble fishing we recommend buying the Colorful Rod from Nook’s Cranny because the bobber is a bit bigger and neon green, making it easier to see. Plus the bobber is actually a rubber ducky.


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