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Among Us Keyboard Controls & Keybinds

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In Among Us, control was initially made for mobile devices, but when playing on a computer, you can enable control using the keyboard, but you can only find out the purpose of the keys by typing. In order not to press all buttons in a row, this manual shows all the key assignments.

Among Us Keyboard Controls

Key assignment

  • W A S D or arrows – Move character
  • E or Space – Use \ Sabotage
  • Q – Kill another player
  • R – Report the finding of a corpse
  • ESC – Cancel \ Close task
  • TAB – Open map
  • ALT + Enter – Full Screen Mode

How do you turn on the keyboard?

  1. Go to settings
  2. In the “Controls” section, select “Mouse + Keyboard”

Extra about controls

E and SPACE both work if you want to access terminals, like Vitals on Polus, Security Cameras, Admin Tables, or Sensor Logs on Mira HQ. ESC can be used to exit these menus. These bindings can also be used to open the Emergency Button but CANNOT be used to press the button.

To know what action you’ll be doing, you can just look at the very bottom right. For impostors this will usually be Sabotage, so whenever they press E or SPACE away from a terminal it will open their sabotage menu. Also, like mentioned, impostors can press E or SPACE to enter or exit vents quickly.


Unfortunately, you cannot change keybinds. The best you can do is to set up a script with AutoHotkey.

AZERTY users: If you enable an English keyboard in your Windows settings, you can switch to that and it will theoretically let you use ZQSD.

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