Amid Evil: List of All Cheat Codes

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A retro FPS for the ages! Once branded a HERETIC. Now YOU have been chosen as our champion! Reclaim our sacred weapons. Take back our ancient lands. If you can stand… AMID EVIL.

Amid Evil Cheat Codes

To use a Cheat Code, simply type it on the keyboard during gameplay. You don’t need to do anything special, just type the letters, and you’ll see the screen flash as a small notification appears at the top of your screen.

Keep in mind, you can’t type in Cheats from the pause menu, you need to be in-game. So find a safe corner before typing, so you don’t get attacked!

Also, although the codes are listed below in all caps, you don’t need to capitalize these letters to activate the code.

To disable a cheat, simply type in the cheat code again. You’ll see another flash, and a new notification will appear at the top of your screen (try putting in the AERO code and toggling it back off for a laugh).

List of Cheat Codes

1. ADOMG – God Mode.
2. ADMAGE – Full Mana.
3. AEWIZARD – All Weapons, Mana, and Keys.
4. AENIMA – Soul Mode Engage.
5. AEBABY – Toggle Soul Mode.
6. AEWARLOCK – All Weapons.
7. AEURP – Burp.
8. AERO – Fly Mode.
9. AESEE – Torch Mode.
10. AEYESORE – Invisibility.
11. AELPHA – All Powerups, Keys, Weapons, Mana, Health, and Soul Points.
12. AEOMEGA – God Mode, Infinite Mana.
13. AEVAIN – All Keys.
14. AEHEH – Complete Level.
15. AETHER – Noclip (walk through walls).
16. AESTHETIC – Vaporwave Mode.
17. AETHEORY – Turn post processing up to maximum.
18. AELYMPICS – Unlocks superspeed.
19. AEON – Unlocks super-slow movement.
20. AEXTREME – Unlocks super-fast weapons.
21. AEXTINCT – Kill all enemies.
22. AESPLODE – Kill yourself.
23. AEOUCH – Hurt yourself.
24. AESTOP – Freeze enemies.
25. AEHIDE – Hides first-person weapon.
26. AESHOT – Screenshot mode.
27. AEWEP2 – Gives Azure Ore.
28. AEWEP3 – Gives Whispers Edge.
29. AEWEP4 – Gives Voltride.
30. AEWEP5 – Gives Celestial Claw.
31. AEWEP6 – Gives Crystal Torment.
32. AEWEP7 – Gives Aeturnum.

Other Codes

1. AELEON – Level Select.
2. AE1981 – CGA Pallete 1.
3. AE1982 – CGA Pallete 2.
4. AE1983 – CGA Pallete 3.
5. AE1989 – EGA Pallete.
6. AE1990 – VGA Pallete.
7. AE2000 – Full Color Pallete.
8. AEBORT – Quit Game.
9. AENDREW – Music Select.

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