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7 taboos when bathing because it is dangerous.


      There are many habits when bathing that seem harmless, but if maintained for a long time, you will encounter serious health problems.

After a day of activity, our skin secretes a lot of oil and gets attached to dust from the environment. Regular cleaning can effectively remove these substances and keep the skin healthy.. But if you shower incorrectly, it will not only reduce the effectiveness of cleaning the skin, but also harm your health. Here are 7 taboos when bathing because it is dangerous to health:

1. Bath time is too long

According to statistics, women’s bath time is relatively long, averaging about 10 minutes – 30 minutes. Once the bathing process is too long, it will harm the body, the most obvious impact is lack of oxygen, ischemia leading to dizziness, fainting,… Not only that, maintaining a long bathing time in A long time can also cause the penetration of cold temperature and humidity.

2. Shower right after eating

When we have just finished eating, the body will focus on working to digest the food and most of the blood is concentrated in the digestive system. If you take a bath at this time, it will directly interfere with blood circulation. This not only affects the digestive process, but also easily causes the problem of hypoxia and ischemia in the brain.

3. Urinal standing

Women often sit while urinating, but while bathing, many people have the habit of urinating standing, but the physiological structure of women is completely different from that of men, urine will not be completely excreted, stagnant in the urine. in the urinary system. This long-term condition will lead to the appearance of various gynecological diseases such as urethritis and vulvovaginitis.

4. Bathing too much

Many people are obsessed with cleanliness, they will shower until they no longer see dead skin, but if you rub your skin too hard and continuously, it will break the skin’s natural protective film, the skin’s resistance will follow. that decrease.

5. Bath water temperature is too high

Because the pressure of work is very tiring, many people want to relax their body by taking a hot bath. However, the temperature that the skin can withstand also has a range of 35 – 40 degrees Celsius. Not only that, when the temperature of the bath water is too high, the entire blood vessel will expand, affecting the function. blood supply to the brain and heart, making it difficult to breathe and easy to faint.

6. Shower too late

Many people think that bathing at night can make the body relax and sleep better, especially in the summer. However, this is a completely wrong concept. Bathing too late increases the risk of catching a cold or wind because when that happens, the veins dilate and blood pressure drops. For people with low blood pressure, late bathing causes severe cerebral ischemia, which is the main cause of stroke and death.

7. Using a bath towel for too long

The same towel should not be used for a long time. If you use damp towels, they can harbor harmful bacteria. Ideally, a towel should only be used no more than 3 times before washing.

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